Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Be on TIME!

I hate being late. I'm always on time for the most part and when I am late, I'm annoyed. I don't believe in being early or late, I just want to be on time. Exactly. So when my body which has always been as regular as a clock starts to betray me, well, I'm annoyed.

I'm one day late. Now there are those of you who might think that only being one day late is nothing to worry about but when you know that there is no chance of being pregnant and you run on a 26 day calender, well, day 27 better darn well be day 1! No one would be happier than I (in fact I might be the only happy one) if I were actually pregnant. But I know I'm not. I peed on a stick and everything just to make sure. Negative. as I knew it would be. So now that we all know I'm not pregnant, lets get on with the business at hand and get things moving.


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