Friday, February 09, 2007

I want to update

I really, really do but I have nothing to say. Nothing funny or clever or sad or thoughtful. My life is boring. As boring as boring can be.

My kid is happy and doing well in school.
I'm working and at the same time looking for new jobs.
Brian and I are doing our thing (whatever that is) and it's working just fine for now.
I pay my bills.
I put gas in my car.
I eat.
I go to the movies.
I read blogs.
I give advice.
I sleep.
I'm learning how to not suck so bad at Mario Kart 64.
That's about it.

See... boring.


Karana said...

Ooh! Mario Kart. That's not boring!!! :)

Ok, I can totally relate. My life is boring too.

Hm, maybe I should go play a racing game on our system... whatever kind it is. I think it's a N64. *ponder*

Classy Cassie said...

I wish I could be there with you so we could be bored together. I haven't seen you in forever! XOXO and another XO

Karana said...

Update anyway. I have nothing to write about either, but I can still be bitchy on my blog. :)

Did the package arrive yet? *fingers crossed*

Queen Karana said...

Is life still boring? *hug*