Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Will you be my Lorelei Gilmore?

Last week's episode of Gilmore Girls was focused on Lane Kim, Rory's best friend, having a baby shower. During the shower she told Rory about how lucky she had been to have Lorelei in her life especially when her own mother was driving her crazy and she wanted that for her kids. So in a moment of quiet, unrecognized ceremony she asked Rory to be her children's Lorelei Gilmore.


It was a wonderful moment. Special and personal and lasting.

My daughter is blessed to have two Lorelei Gilmores of her own. She has my friend Kendra who's forgotten more things about me than most people will ever know. She's been one of my verybestfriends for over 20 years. And she was there from the beginning. Amanda loves her and trusts her and confides in her.

And she has NakedJen. Now Jennifer hasn't known us as long, but I daresay she knows us as well, and in some ways, even better. She is the older sister I always wanted. The wise one. The one who lets me know it's ok not to have all the answers, all the time, because together, we will figure it out. She lets me know when I'm wrong and she holds my hand when it falls apart. She tells Amanda the straight facts and lets her know that anything and everything she tells her is perfectly ok and even if it's not, they will make it perfect. And Amanda loves her, and trusts her and confides in her, too.

What a blessed girl. Every girl should have a Lorelei. That women who lets you tell her things that your mother would yell about. She helps you go and tell the truth to that yelling mom when you're too scared to go on your own. And she loves you. All the time. No matter what.

I'm not surprised that one of the biggest things these women have in common is being doulas. They both love and respect and cherish every chance they get to help and new life enter the world.

And best of all, they both love Amanda.

And me. I'm a pretty blessed girl myself.

Thank you both. For everything you've done and for everything I'm sure that's to come.

I love you.

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Jennifer said...

oh. that made me cry. just a little bit. i do love you. both of you. more than you'll possibly ever know.