Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Because Meg said to

Meg Fowler writes a very funny blog here and last Friday she said to do this, so now I finally am. Better late than never right? You could do it too if you wanted. In the comments or on your own blog. I bet you'll feel better when you do :)

Things YOU Love:(since people aren't things) cameras, being driven around, thunder storms.

Song you love: since it's Christmas... Mary Did You Know?

Food you love: sushi, mac&cheese, fried chicken, french fries!, salad, brie

Thing you love to look at: Brian's eyes, a beautiful sunset, interesting doors, the ocean when the waves are big

Sound you love: waves crashing on the shore, thunder, the sound of the door opening when my boy comes home at night

Thing you love to laugh at: Brian, Family Guy, Amanda, my nutty friends, my sisters, my mom

Gadget you love: my iPod

Person you love: Brian, Amanda, my family, my friends...

Software you love: firefox!

Word you love: ostensibly

Thing you love on the internet: TK

Place you love to go on vacation: I think I would love Europe and Hawaii and Asia and Oz and everywhere

Sensation you love: drifting off to sleep

Animal you love: puppies

Book you love: The Count of Monte Cristo

Emotion you love: excitement, passion, comfort

Occasion you love: Birthdays!

Quality you love in people: compassion, honesty, positivity

Thing you most love to shop for: Kitchen stuff (when money is no object)

And finally…

What you love about today: That it's no longer Monday. ;)

Now you try it... I think you'll like it :)

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