Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Love List ~ my friends

I thought I'd do a list of people I love and why... I'm going to do ten people on this list, and if you don't show up on this list, maybe you'll be on the next one.

1. Amanda: How can I not love this crazy kid of mine. She makes me crazy and proud all at the same time. I guess that's the nature of teenagers. It's odd having her so far away but I know she's safe and healthy and happy.

2. Brian: Ahhh yes, the boyfriend. Hopefully soon the future husband and then husband and then father of my children. I think I love him most because he makes me laugh. Every day. Even on days when he's made me cry.

3. Tracy: She's my bff here in Santa Barbara. My "person". I adore her laid back and generous nature. She's always go with flow girl and I love that. Plus she's a huge geek who loves the same shows I do.

4. Karen: I don't get to talk to Karen often but every now and then I'll read her blog or she'll comment on mine and it's like we never stopped working together. She's steady... I love that.

5. Carmen: My sister is a pain in the neck but I love her. All the time. No matter what. And she loves me all the time no matter what. What more could you ask from a sister?

6. Sassy: I talk to her almost everyday online. She is a huge part of my everyday life. I don't know what I would do without her to snark with!

7. Stephie: Also one of my most favorite OL and RL friends. She keeps me sane. Plus she's as funny as they come!

8: Bobby: My brother is an outstanding human being. I've never known anyone more loving or giving. I'm proud to be his sister.

9: My mom: What a woman. She gave me life and a lot of attitude. Both have served me well ;) Thanks mom.

10: Alicia: I miss my Alicia. Working with her for 2 years was awesome and even though we don't see each other every day anymore, I'm glad she still calls me to gossip when she has good news.

Who do you love? Why? You know what? It doesn't matter. Just make sure you show them or tell them that you do in fact, love them very much. Warts and all.

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Queen Karana said...

Awww... I made it on to your first list. You're so sweet! Thanks!