Thursday, January 11, 2007

What a difference a day makes!

My day yesterday was not so great. I was overtired. Feeling sad. And just all around unhappy.

At 5 I left my office in tears, mostly out of frustration and exhaustion, I wanted to go home a sleep for a month but I had to get to the dr's for my adjustment. Off I went, trying not to let the tears get in the way of driving.

Dr. English worked his magic and I felt so much better. Physically and emotionally. I decided to go get yarn since I was near Michaels in Goleta. Got what I needed plus a really cute yarn that screamed "Make me into a scarf for Wendee!" so who was I to argue? After that, I decided I wanted to get my brows waxed. I wanted to do something nice for me and that seemed perfect. Off I went to the brow place that's open late and got that done. Walked next door to the salon that was still open and got a much needed haircut. love it. She even flat ironed my hair and it looks awesome! Then I popped over to Sephora and got a sample of the Philosophy micro peel and went home and gave myself a facial. heaven! I felt like a new woman.

Today, I am well rested, with pretty hair and soft skin. Happy happy day!

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Karana said...

So glad you are feeling better. What a fun day you had!