Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Who knew you could get a soul for so cheap?

I brought donuts to work today ;) My evil plan is working! I had to get all their souls today since this is my last day at the Foundation! Woo hoo!!


Queen Karana said...

LOL... that's funny!
OK, so what are you doing instead of the Foundation?


Queen Karana said...

I just read an article on CNN saying that Gilmore Girls is ending! I'm not a die-hard fan... like you ... but I thought of you! POOR GAIL! :)

Hope all is well.

Queen Karana said...

I'm dyin' for an update, but I can't talk about how often one should post, so I'll let it happen in it's own time.

However, I am sending you email to your yahoo! account in the next few minutes, so PLEASE check it when you get the chance. :)

Love ya!