Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Updating? What's that?

I've been quite remiss in keeping everyone updated. I guess there's been a few reasons for that. The first being that I've started to question this whole idea of sharing my private life online. I've always been a fan. In fact I've had online journals now for at least 8 years. Some have been in private communities, some have been in places like blogger or live journal. I'm often thrilled at the thought that I could share something with people that they would relate to. Something that would make them feel like they knew me or themselves better and that I, in turn, would know myself or them better as well. In some cases it's worked exactly that way. Those are the good times.

Lately though, I've been too busy living my life to want to take time to write it all out. That and living your life by committee can be tiring. I'm well aware that when I post something, someone can have a opinion they want to share. I don't have to do anything that anyone says but there are times that the knowledge of what someone else thinks is wearing. I guess I'm feeling the need to just do things on my own or at the very least be a little more discerning about the people I share with. This isn't a reflection on the people who do or don't read this blog, it's a reflection of me, which is what a blog should be. Right now, I want to be the only one looking at that reflection.

I may still post things in here from time to time. Funny thing I see or find or that other people lead me to but my daily life updates, my relationship trials or successes, my job, things like that... those things will be shared differently, more one on one. It's what works for me for now.

I hope people understand. If they don't, well, I guess they can blog about their issues with it if they want :) That's the beauty of this medium, we can each use it how we want, when we want.


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Queen Karana said...

I understand! :)
You've said it all so well.

Love ya.