Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My back is still aching but I believe there's hope.

Why? you ask. Well here's why. This morning, I was running late to work. I wasn't actually going to be late mind you but I left later than I like to. Parking at my work can be a nightmare if you are mearly "on time". So I like to be in the parking lot at least 15 minutes before I have to have my butt in the chair in front of my computer. This morning that was not going to happen. But I got into the parking lot at 8:25. 5 minutes to find a spot and walk to my office. I was about to fret that I wouldn't be able to find anything because it's the week before finals and every student at SBCC is at the campus. Every single one. However, instead of fretting, NakedJen's voice popped into my head and said "If I can manifest a cup of coffee, you can manifest a parking spot." So I stopped the fretting in my head and said "I need a parking spot. In this lot. Thank you." I drove all the way down to the end. Nothing. So I said it again. "I need a parking spot. In this lot. Thank you." The woman in front of me also wanted a parking spot. Someone pulled out. So the nice lady in front of me got a spot. I said "Thank you for giving her a spot. Now I would like my spot please." And 6 cars up, someone else pulled out and there it was. My spot. I manifested a parking spot. Thank you universe. And thank you NakedJen for reminding me that I can manifest parking spot.

Now I'm sure you're wondering how this has anything to do with my back. And making it all better. Well I have decided that if I can manifest a parking spot I can manifest back pain relief. "I would like a way to make my back healthy. This week please. Thank you."

Thank you.

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