Thursday, November 15, 2007

If I were Queen

If I were Queen, people would not be allowed to:

1. Park badly
2. Cut you off
3. Leave the house in clothes that don't fit
4. Talk on the phone in line at the store
5. Call you back without listening to your message
6. Ask for advise from a bunch of people and then come up with a reason why EVERY.SINGLE.THING that has been suggested won't work! gah!
7. Change the radio station in YOUR car while you're driving

I'm sure there's more. Maybe this will be a two part series.


Queen Karana said...

Heehee. I AM Queen. I can make whatever rules I want.

And since I'm Queen... I suppose I can make you an honorary Queen. And you can make some rules. But just a few. And they must be nice rules to me and my family. Because I'm the Queen. :)

C said...

5. Call you back without listening to your message

Oh, hello. And I HATE when they say - did you call me? YES! Yes, I called you and you know it - which is the reason you are returning my call.