Sunday, November 11, 2007

Not the football I was hoping for

33 to 25 Philly over Washington. That just farking sucks. Add to it the fact that the stupid Cowturds won and you basically have a sucktastic weekend of football.




Queen Karana said...

That's funny... in our neck of the woods, we had a fantastic football weekend! The Cowboys won, and the Redskins lost...

I see your problem now...


gaily-o said...

See that's what makes me sad Karen... you're such a nice person normally but then you decide to like a team like Dallas who is 2nd only to New England in their lack of sportsmanship. I'm all for good football but the complete and total disregard that teams like Dallas and New England have for the spirit of the game is pathetic.

I don't care how many wins Dallas racks up, they will always be losers in my book :)

Queen Karana said...

Michael says, "Hm. Funny. That's exactly how I feel about the Redskins." (re: your last sentence in your comment)

Michael also says that your problem is that you are rooting for the wrong team. :)

gaily-o said...

It's so sad when Micheal gets things backwards ;)

He's the one rooting for the wrong team. When you have players like T.O. that even Dallas fans hate, how much class can your team really have?