Friday, November 02, 2007

The day ending now would be good

I realize it's only 9:08am here in California. That does not stop me from wanting the day to be OVER. Just plain O.V.E.R. thank you very much. I'm also aware of the fact that it's Friday. Of the "oh yay it's Friday I'm about to have a whole weekend to do whatever I want!" Fridays.

Sadly, this is not how I feel. Why don't I feel this way? Well, for a few reasons. Last night I didn't get to watch Gray's. This made me sad and mad. Then in the middle of all this sadness and madness I noticed that my throat was hurting. That's not really a good sign when Brian has been sick for the last 2 weeks and it all started with a hurting throat. I passed out earlier than normal and was woken up by being smacked on the butt because I was snoring. I don't usually snore, at least not so loud that it would make Brian wake up and smack me on the butt or anywhere else. Snoring that loud is a sign that I'm congested. Hmmm, sore throat, achy body and congestion... guess what folks? I got myself a cold.


This is what sick time was invented for right? Well, yes but in my case I need to conserve the 10 remaining sick hours I have for when my head is in need of being chopped off from the pain in it. A cold, a fever, anything short of puking means nothing in the face of possibly not being able to go home and chop off my head when it's hurting.

I also have other plans today like a brazilion waxing. And going to some party with my friend Tracy and then catching up on TV with Brian and Tracy because that's what we do on Friday nights. After that? Well after that I plan to go home with the wonderful man who gave this cold to me and take lots of drugs and pass out.

Which really, is what I want to do RIGHT NOW. Skip all that other stuff and just go straight to the drugs and the passing out.

Is there an express route to that option?


Queen Karana said...

Get yerself some Airborne girl. Take it now, right now! I recommend the apple spice flavor -- make sure it's warm. If it doesn't "solve" the cold, it should at least weaken the symptoms. It does for me. And if my Mom takes it early enough, she often bypasses the cold all together.

And we managed to miss Grey's Anatomy last night too. BLARGH! I think we'll find a copy of it somewhere though... *grin*

gaily-o said...

I'm on airborne. And advil cold and as soon as I can find it, Flu Reduce because that stuff knocks out anything in 3 days.

I'm sure we'll punk out and get GA on iTunes. I don't know what the hell happened with our DVR that it decided not to record that or the Office but that thing has pissed me off for the last time and it's going back to the cable company and being exchanged! gah!

Queen Karana said...

I hope you are feeling better! At least well enough to post for today -- we're on a roll!