Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday

I blissfull slept right through most of Black Friday but once I did wake up all was well because my stomache was finally feeling better. phew. I suspect that NakedJen was right and that stress more than anything else caused the issue to being with. Not much that can be done about that now so I'm glad my tummy and I are on speaking terms again.

I did actually get out of my house today. And I even braved the stores. I bought a couple things for me and couple things for other people. And I found out that we have Sephora in Santa Barbara! Who knew?! At Sephora, I found a perfume that I must have. Amazing Grace. First off the name is wonderful. Secondly, it smells more or less like nice soap and water so it doesn't make me want to gag. Both of those things are worth it to me.

I hope all of you who braved the stores today were successful and that when you get home you treat yourselves to some hot chocolate. It will help those tired feet. I promise!

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