Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday night ramblings

I know that I promised you all pictures today but I haven't even been home to download them. Sorry.

My Sunday however, I can tell you all about.

I woke up very late, 10:00am, which was not good since I was at that very moment supposed to be downtown watching football with my friend Tracy, not sleeping next to B who was still passed out. I quickly sent her a text message and said we would be there around halftime. Crawled back into bed and chatted with B for a bit and then got up and we had some breakfast.

He brought up Thanksgiving again and I think his guilt over not being willing to take me home caused him to make an offer he can't afford. He offered to help me buy a ticket to go home for that weekend but after looking at prices, we realized that it was just way too much money to fly home for a few days. I will most likely be here in Santa Barbara on my own for the weekend. I'm still sad about it but there isn't much I can do to change it.

We ended up going to watch the 2nd half of the game and the Redskins lost but the Chargers (Tracy's team) won so that was fun. After the game B and I went to see Borat and it was ok, kinda funny in some spots but not the best movie I've ever seen.

Now we're back home, after a lovely dinner and some ice cream and we're going to watch Serenity. Should be fun and quiet. I love these kinds of nights. :)


Anonymous said...

Serenity is good. I sure wish Firefly had lasted longer than it did.

Karana said...

Bummer about turkey day. *sigh*

Karana said...

You could come to Utah...
We have a couch you can sleep on.
Dinner is at my Mom's house on T-day, but Michael's cooking the Turkey.

While I can't help with the financial costs involved, you would be welcome to stay with us crazy people if you wanted to escape. :)