Friday, November 03, 2006

Brave... I think

So today, almost out of the blue, I asked B if I could have T-day dinner with him and his family. He's has agreed to think about it. I'm hoping for a yes but if the answer is no then we will need to talk about that. He seems pretty happy with me and I don't want drama over this but if he's ashamed of me or something then I need to know that. I could be making a mountain out of a mole hill. Totally possible given my personal tendency to do just that.

Relationships are hard. But I'm also not willing to give up that wonderful feeling I have when the alarm goes off and he rolls over to wrap his arms around me and snuggle for just 5 more minutes. Or the way he makes me laugh so much over the silliest things. Or the tingle I still get when he kisses me. There's too much good to give up but I need to be brave and ask for what I need sometimes. I'm way to good at letting things slide in a relationship just for the sake of not "rocking the boat" but sometimes, the boat needs to be rocked a little.

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